About Me….

About Me……..

My name is Krista and I am an RN and a busy mother of 3.  I became interested in essential oils in an effort to find more natural treatments for my family.  I believe in research and the use of evidence based-medicine, which is not always easy when discussing any complementary alternative medicine, often referred to as CAM.  Truthfully, the research is not as robust as research available pertaining to commercial medications, because research is expensive and there is not much financial incentive in proving the medicinal qualities of essential oils.  Research supporting the use of essential oils does exist, and I will share it with you.   I won’t be pharmaceutical bashing here, because as a nurse, I have seen the miracles that pharmaceuticals perform.  Simply put, I think we rely on them much too heavily.

Living a more natural life seems to be the focus of many people that I speak to lately.  I think that becoming a Mom has created that mindset for me.  Before kids, I was all about whatever was easiest (most often commercially prepared) and whatever product had a flashy commercial or scent.  I never read ingredients, or cared about chemicals.

I plan to write this blog to help share the history and uses of essential oils. I will also share the research that I find as well as my personal experiences.  I hope to provide information about when certain essential oils should be avoided by certain populations, because let’s face it, we are all individuals with individual needs and risk factors. I will also focus on homemade alternatives to commercial products – with natural ingredients that typically we can pronounce.   I would really appreciate any purchases that you make from the links provided in my posts.  They are all oils or products that help with the mixing and storage of the essential oil creations that I will talk about, and will help to defray the cost of my grad school text books.  :)

The information in this blog is purely educational, and there is no way that I can claim that this information is completely comprehensive, so please discuss your use of essential oils with your medical provider who is aware of your own unique healthcare needs and risk factors.


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